Snow White x Cath Kidston Collection Review

For those of you who follow me on social media, you probably know by now that my absolute favorite character of all time is Snow White. She’s kind, gentle, an animal lover, and shows inner strength and bravery in times of trouble. She’s an amazing role model, and the Disney character that I can relate to the most! On my last Disney trip, I actually disneybounded as Snow for 5 days straight, met the Snow White face character 4 times (and it happened to be the same person playing Snow each time so it was kind of embarrassing), and obsessed over the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride for the entirety of the trip. So yes, you could say I’m a teensy bit obsessed with Snow White! When I heard that there would be a new Snow White collection, I jumped at the opportunity and instantly set an alarm for release day. Before this line, I had never heard of Cath Kidston, but everything in this Snow White x Cath Kidston collection was so dreamy that I couldn’t resist giving Cath Kidston a try for the first time. Now I have many more things to add to my (already copious) collection of Snow White items!

I made a total of 5 purchases from the Snow White x Cath Kidston collection, though I wish I could’ve purchased far more. Unfortunately, it was all so expensive! I will walk you through each purchase where I’ll share my thoughts, and whether or not the items are worth the money!

Snow White Singing Birds Cushion



One of my favorite things is room decor. I hate having a boring room because I think of room decor as a form of self expression. It's your very own space, so why not have a little piece of your personality in your own space? That’s why I jumped at the chance to pick up this cute little pillow, a perfect edition to my fairytale themed bedroom! I love the birds from the Snow White film, so this birds print was actually my favorite design in the entire collection! I knew I wanted at least one item with this bird design, so I went with this pillow because I had no need for any of the  purses and tote bags. I’m so glad that Cath Kidston decided to incorporate the birds from Snow White into one of the designs; it’s such a unique way to add a bit of Snow White into your room!

What I also like about this pillow is that you can remove the outside and wash it, then put the cushion back in afterwards. My biggest pet peeve with throw pillows is how you’re expected to just place them on your bed, no washing allowed, when you don’t know where they’ve been (where are my fellow germaphobes at?). This pillow is the answer to your prayers; finally, a decorative pillow that you can wash before using!

At $40, this was a bit pricey for such a small decorative pillow. However, I personally love the design so much that I thought it was worth it! If it weren’t a Snow White design though, I would never have paid this much for such a small pillow, so if you aren’t biased towards Snow like I am, you may not think that this is worth the price. However, if you love Snow White and this design, you will be very satisfied with this purchase!

Snow White Dwarfs and Blossom PJ Set



Of all the items in this collection, these pjs were my top priority. I knew that even if I didn’t get anything else from this collection, I just HAD to have these pjs! The Dwarfs print is so adorable and whimsical, and the pjs are super soft. Once it gets too cold to wear a vintage nightgown or my long chemise to bed, I will definitely be cozying up in these! They are a bit pricey, but the material is so crazy soft, far more than most pj’s you’ll run across! 

Snow White Dwarfs and Blossom Bowl



I knew that everything I purchased from this line would be top notch so I had high expectations anyways, but I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary for this item. I was just expecting a regular old bowl with a cute print on it, but when this arrived, I couldn’t help but squeal. First off, the bowl is even cuter in person! However, what really impressed me is how much surface area this bowl has. This bowl appears to be just a regular, medium sized bowl, but the walls of the bowl raise up higher, giving this bowl a larger surface area than any of the other bowls I have in the same size. I at first thought that $16 was pricey for just a bowl, but after seeing it in person, it’s much larger than you’d expect, and very high quality. This bowl will be perfect for having soup in, just like Snow White makes in the movie! I also can’t wait to use it to have my favorite breakfast: oatmeal with berries and honey!

Snow White Apples and Spot Tea Towels



Of all the items I ordered, this one is probably my least favorite. I suppose it was my own fault for not paying attention to what these towels are made of, or looking up what a “tea towel” is before purchasing (it’s a towel used to wash dishes apparently) but the texture was very coarse and disappointing. If used for washing dishes, this set of towels would be perfect, but I planned to use them as hand and face drying towels. It was a disappointment that these weren’t the soft towels that I was expecting. Again, this is more of my fault for not really knowing what a tea towel is before I purchased these. I still don’t understand how towels this cute and this expensive are meant to clean dirty dishes though! Unless you’re using this to clean dishes, I’d pass on this one. It has the texture of an apron. 

Snow White Fairest One Of All Mug


I love collecting cute mugs, especially Disney mugs, so this was a must have item! I think the price was pretty reasonable too, considering how Disney mugs are generally around this price. Plus, seeing as Cath Kidston is a higher end company, I thought that this was a very reasonable price. I love this mug because sipping out of it makes me feel just like Snow White! 

Overall, I was pleased with this collection, despite the prices. I was also pleased to see this collection selling so quickly and so well, because Snow White is one of the most under appreciated princesses. Finally, Snow White is getting the attention she deserves! Also, a big thank you to Cath Kidston for shining a well deserved spotlight on this special, yet under appreciated princess. Have you purchased any Snow White x Cath Kidston items? Which ones are your favorites?