How to Live Your Best Fairytale Life

I’m very excited about my first fairytale themed blog post, where I will give you tips on how to live like you’re a heroine of your very own fairytale.

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I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I don’t belong in this century. I connect with older time periods, where ball gowns and horse drawn carriages were the norm. Sometimes, I wonder if I was born in the wrong time period! Even though living in the 21st century can be a bummer sometimes (minus the fact that we now have things like technology and modern medicine), old souls like us can still feel like we belong with some lifestyle changes and a bit of imagination. In this post, I will walk you through some tips that will bring a bit of that fairytale magic into your everyday life.

Tip One: Wear Vintage Dresses

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There is just something about vintage dresses. They’re timeless, classic, and nothing makes me feel more like a princess than when I’m wearing that perfect vintage dress. Since fairytales are my vice (as you all know), when searching for vintage dresses, I search for dresses that look like what a princess would probably wear in a fairytale. Pictured here are two of my favorite vintage purchases.

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I purchase all of my vintage clothing from etsy, which I highly recommend, especially if you’re a first time vintage shopper. I also recommend looking in vintage stores around your area. Grab your girlfriends and hit up your local vintage stores, get mani pedis, then finish off the day with tea and pastries at your local tearoom (if you have one in your area). Make a girls day out of it!

If vintage clothing isn’t your thing, no problem! You can still dress like a fairytale heroine, even with things you can find at your favorite store in the mall. Think about how you would dress if you were the heroine in a fairytale, and go off that. For me personally, I’ve always loved red velvet and often picture myself in a red velvet ball gown, embroidered with gold. Any simple, classic, red velvet dress would do the trick. Look for dresses that don’t appear too “modern” or “trendy”. You can easily find dresses in any store, vintage or not!

Tip Two: Room Decor

Transform your room into your own fairytale haven! A couple of years ago, I decided to completely redecorate my room. My goal was to make my room look like what a princess’ bedroom would look like inside her castle. It took a month to completely finish (since I could only work on it on weekends) but it was completely worth it. Now, everytime I enter my room, I feel like I am entering my own little fairytale.

My current bedroom 

My current bedroom 



I recommend incorporating a bed canopy (of course, I had to go with red velvet!), gold/silver wall sconces on either side of the bed, old fashioned candle holders, lots of gold picture frames, and plenty of candles.



My bedroom with the battery powered candles lit 

My bedroom with the battery powered candles lit 


Be warned, make sure you do not place real candles in a wall sconce (unless you don’t light them). That is a fire hazard! I have battery powered ones that flicker just like real fire and they work even better in my opinion! I love lighting them at night when I’m relaxing in bed because they really set the mood. This kind of goes with tip one, but I recommend wearing nightgowns instead of pajamas. You really will go to bed feeling like a princess! (I will do a more in depth post on fairytale bedroom decor later)

Tip Three: Listen to Classical Music

Classical music is so underrated! This generation just doesn’t appreciate classical music like they should (does that make me sound old?) In fairytale movies and books, you often see people attending orchestra concerts, minstrels sang, and people danced to classical music at balls. What I recommend doing is finding your favorite classical pieces and putting them on a playlist. Give your playlist a creative name! Listen to it in the car on the way to work or when you’re relaxing in your bedroom at night with the candles lit.

Here is my personal fairytale themed spotify playlist. Click the picture for a link to the full playlist!   

I also recommend choosing a classical piece that you would consider your own “theme song”, just for fun! My personal theme song is The Swan by Camille Saint-Saens because that beautiful piece touched my soul the instant I heard it. I also recommend including movie scores from fairytale themed movies. My personal favorite is the score from the live action Cinderella.

Tip Four: Read Fairy Tales

This one is pretty self explanatory! Whether it is a collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales or a fairytale retelling, immerse yourself in books! I personally love to read and books are the easiest way for me to transport myself into a fairytale dream world.

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Over the years, I have discovered many authors who exclusively write fairytale themed books. Some write retellings, and some write original stories that take place in a fairytale atmosphere. I plan to do a blog post later, spotlighting each of these authors.

Tip Five: Watch Your Favorite Fairy Tale Movies

I don’t know about you, but when I think fairytales, I think of Disney. Disney is known for their fairytales with their Disney Princess franchise (which would explain why I love Disney so much). If books aren’t your thing, movies are another great way to immerse yourself in a fairytale. Put on your vintage nightgown, snuggle up with your pet, light some candles, and put on your favorite Disney Princess movie. If you have already completed tip two and have transformed your room into your own little fairytale already, even better! That further sets the mood for your Disney viewing party.

Here are my personal favorite Disney Princess movies:

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Those are my tips and tricks of how to live your best fairytale life, even in today's modern times. Hope you enjoyed, and see you on my next post!