Disney Princess Starbucks Orders


Ever wondered what the Disney Princesses would order at Starbucks? This blog post will answer all your questions! When thinking of what blog post to do next, I wanted to do something light and fun, so I’ve decided to combine two of my favorite things: Starbucks and Disney! As a self proclaimed Disney Princess fanatic, I know their personalities quite well, so I’ve created this list based on what I know about them from their films. In this post, I’ll discuss what I think each Disney Princess would order from Starbucks and why. Hope you enjoy!

*all drinks cater to a grande size; adjust the amount of syrup if you’re getting a tall or venti

Snow White

Iced White Tea with 3 Pumps Raspberry and a Splash of Apple Juice/Caramel Apple Spice

For Snow White, I couldn’t decide between an iced white tea or a hot apple drink, so I’ve included both! First, I definitely see Snow as more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker. White tea has a very pure, crisp flavor that Snow would enjoy, and white tea is also symbolic to her innocence. The raspberry syrup adds much needed sweetness sweetness (if you’ve never ordered the white tea before, it claims to be sweetened but the amount of sugar is so light that it tastes unsweetened) and the splash of apple juice represents Snow conquering her fear of the poison apple.

During the fall and winter months, I can also see Snow ordering the caramel apple spice, which basically consists of steamed apple juice with cinnamon dolce syrup. I can see her whipping up a big batch of this apple cider for her and the Dwarfs to sip on during the chillier months. Also, cider is the perfect autumn drink, and autumn happens to be Snow’s favorite season (according to a Disney Princess book I picked up once).


Blonde Roast with Half and Half and Classic Syrup/Pumpkin Spice Latte

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I did not select blonde roast just because Cinderella is blond! I actually selected blonde roast because it is stronger than dark roasted coffees. For those of you who don’t know, the lighter the roast, the stronger the coffee. Cinderella will need the strongest possible coffee to get through the day with her stepfamily without losing her mind. You got this Cindy!

Obviously, the pumpkin spice latte came to mind too! I think Cinderella would find this drink nostalgic because it would remind her of the adventures that got her to her happy ending. Think of the blonde roast as her pre-happily ever order and the pumpkin spice as her post-happily ever after order!


Pink Drink

Not only is pink Aurora’s signature color, this drink is girly, sweet, and feminine, just like her. It also has a subtle, almost floral taste to it, which I think she would appreciate. It’s fruity, creamy, and pink; perfect for Aurora! I can definitely see her ordering this a lot.


Cappuccino with 2 Pumps Toffee Nut, 2 Pumps Vanilla (makes a French Vanilla flavor)

Belle just seems like a cappuccino sort of girl, and I can see her sipping this frothy beverage in a Starbucks, book in hand. Toffee nut and vanilla together make a French vanilla flavor, which is fitting because belle is French, obviously. Give this one a try next time you want to channel your inner Belle and tackle a big stack of books!


Iced Chai Latte

When I was brainstorming for this post, Jasmine’s order was a no brainer! Chai is spicy and bold, fitting for Jasmine’s feisty personality. Jasmine would appreciate the spicy, bold flavor of this drink. She would probably get this iced instead of hot, because who could handle a hot drink in Agrabah’s heat?


Iced Salted Caramel Mocha

The salted caramel mocha is reminiscent of the salty ocean water that Ariel came from, so I  imagine the taste would be nostalgic for her. Plus, this drink is a super sweet one, perfect for new coffee drinkers like Ariel, since I doubt they had coffee under the sea. Also, Ariel just seems like an iced coffee kind of girl; I don’t really see her preferring hot coffee over iced coffee. Though the salted caramel mocha is seasonal (during the fall season) you can still order it all year round by asking for a latte with equal parts mocha and toffee nut syrups. It’s the exact same drink, just without the salt. Now, you can order Ariel’s drink all year round!


Iced Green Tea Latte with Almond Milk

As someone who grew up in a Chinese household, I can attest to the fact that Chinese people love their green tea. I chose to make this iced because I personally think the Starbucks green tea latte tastes MUCH better iced than hot, but you can get it hot if you prefer. I also chose almond milk instead of regular milk because it makes this drink taste creamier, which makes it taste a lot like Asian bubble tea (without the bubbles). I don’t recommend getting almond milk if you’re getting this drink hot though; Starbucks’ almond milk tastes really gross in hot drinks, from my experience at least!


Flat White

Pocahontas is a no fuss and frills kind of girl and the flat white is a simple way to get your caffeine fix without overloading on added sugars. Optional: this drink comes unsweetened if you order it off the menu, but if you like your drinks sweeter, I can also see Pocahontas adding a couple pumps of hazelnut to this, but no more than 2-3 pumps. The subtle hazelnut would add an earthiness to it that she would like.


Pike Place Roast

Tiana doesn’t have time to sit and enjoy her coffee; she needs something caffeinated and she needs it fast. She’s a no fuss or frills kind of girl, and this medium roast is the quick and to the point caffeine fix that she needs. Also, this is the perfect drink to complement her famous beignets! At first, I tried to brainstorm Starbucks drinks that taste like beignets (no luck) but then I realized, Tiana will already be sampling her beignets pretty often to make sure that each batch is perfect for her restaurant customers. The last thing she’d need is a super sugary dessert flavored drink that would throw off the flavor of her famous beignets. If Tiana orders a plain Pike Place Roast, she can put in her own desired amount of cream and sugar, or skip both if she prefers.


Iced Raspberry Mocha

The iced raspberry mocha just screams Rapunzel! She would love the sweetness of the chocolate mixed with the fruitiness of the raspberry. Some people may think that mixing raspberries and chocolate is gross, but I promise, it’s so good! When I told a friend about this drink, she ordered it and loved it so much that it’s now her go-to order, so I promise it’s a good one!  Chocolate and raspberries just seems like a very Rapunzel combination.


Vanilla Bean Frap with Java Chips

Merida doesn't seem like someone who would be a huge coffee drinker (I just picture her as someone who would think that coffee is bitter and gross) but she would still probably want a caffeine boost for her morning adventures. With this drink, she can still get a subtle caffeine kick from the java chips while drinking what tastes like a chocolate chip milkshake. This is a good one if you but don’t like the taste of coffee!


Double Chocolatey Chip Frap with 2 Pumps of Vanilla

Anna loves chocolate obviously, and adding vanilla to the chocolate frap makes it taste like a frozen hot chocolate. If you didn’t know, Starbucks makes their hot chocolates by combining mocha and vanilla syrups, so this would be the frozen version of their hot chocolate recipe. Anna would approve.


Iced White Mocha with 2 Pumps of Peppermint

I had to add another mocha for Elsa because she likes chocolate (almost) as much as Anna does! I made this a white mocha instead of regular mocha because it's reminiscent of her snow and ice powers, and the peppermint syrup adds an extra wintry kick to it. You can also get this as a Frap if you prefer that!


Passion Tango Tea with Lemonade

Moana seems like someone who would prefer tea over coffee. The passion tango tea is floral, tropical and refreshing; fitting for an island girl like Moana. As the most tropical drink on the Starbucks menu, the passion tango tea would make her feel right at home! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this Disney Princess Starbucks orders posts, and that you give some of these drinks a try! Which one of these drinks would you want to order? Let me know in the comments!