Luby and Lola Disney Haul

Disney fans rejoice! Whether you’re currently planning a trip to a Disney Park or someone who loves to collect Disney merch, this blog post is one that you’re going to be very interested in!

If you aren’t familiar with Luby and Lola, they’re an Etsy store that specializes in made to order Disney ears that are based on your favorite Disney characters. Sure, you could just get a pair of generic Mickey ears once you get to the parks, but wouldn’t you rather have a handmade, unique, eye catching pair of ears that are specially designed to be based on your favorite Disney character? And for around same price? With these ears, you’ll stand out from the crowd and surely catch the attention of your favorite Disney face characters.

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I am thrilled to have been selected to be a member of Luby and Lola’s girl gang, and they have kindly sent over some of their products. In this post, I will be highlighting 5 of my favorites.

Rapunzel Outfit Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears


Is anyone else permanently obsessed with Tangled? I not only think that Tangled is legitimately the greatest Disney film ever made, I think it’s the greatest movie ever made, period. So you could say that I have a bit of a Tangled obsession! Luby and Lola have a wide selection of Tangled themed ears so if you’re a Tangled fan, you’ll have several to choose from! I’m obsessed with the lacing on these ears; it’s my favorite detail because it reminds me of a ballerina. These ears are super girly and cute, and they would make Rapunzel proud!

Floral Snow White Inspired Ears


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably are aware of my Snow White obsession. While Tangled is my favorite movie, Snow White will always be my favorite character. She’s been my favorite since I was 5 years old and she’s always been special to me because I can relate to her the most over any other Disney princess. We’re both big daydreamers, love to sing, are introverted, and have a strong connection to animals. Therefore, my first priority was finding the perfect pair of Snow White ears. How cute are these? You would surely catch her attention at the Disney Parks with these ears! 

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears 


I ordered these ears for my friend who’s a fellow Disney Princess fanatic, because Belle is her favorite princess. We often go out on weekends Disneybounding as Snow White and Belle, whom we consider our alternate identities. It’s our way to sneak in some Disney into our wardrobes without anyone else noticing; if only we could get away with wearing these ears around too! This pair of ears would be perfect if you’re doing a yellow ballgown Belle disneybound. 

Sleeping Beauty Inspired Minnie Ears


Make it pink! Make it blue! These gorgeous ears pay homage to the dreamiest princess around. You can get these in either color, with Aurora’s signature tiara right in the middle. Which color would you choose?

Silver Minnie Mouse Ears With Flower Crown


These festival inspired ears aren’t based on any character in particular, but that’s what makes them so flexible for the parks. Regardless of which character you’re disneybounding as or what your outfit is for the parks, these flowery ears will match any Disney inspired outfit. I like these in particular because they’re super girly and sparkly!

There you have it, 5 of my current favorites! However, these products are just the tip of the iceberg. Luby and Lola have almost 200 items they offer in their shop, and a wide variety of Disney characters. Don’t forget to use my discount code “AFAIRYTALEDREAM” for 10% off your purchase! If you love Disney as much as I do, go take a browse through their Etsy shop. You won’t be disappointed! Who’s your favorite Disney character?