The Most Underrated Disney Souvenir

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In my opinion, personalized portrait silhouette art is the most underrated souvenir you can get at Disney World. Of the (many) purchases I made at Disney, this was my absolute favorite. It’s unique, personal, and very affordable, considering what you get.  Every time I look at this I am still blown away by how he even got my eyelashes and bow in the silhouette! This actually looks so much like me it's uncanny. This is a must have, especially for fairytale lovers. In mere minutes, you get a gorgeous silhouette by the most talented artisans Disney has to offer. Not to mention, this is the perfect addition to any fairytale themed bedroom!

Yes, I was disneybounding as my favorite Disney Princess, Snow White, at the time. Can you tell by the bow?

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How Much Does This Cost?

You can get your own silhouette cutting for only $8! Can you believe it? For another $8, they will frame it for you, which I highly recommend doing. The frames are not anything fancy or of great quality, but they are sturdy and inexpensive. They also look great for the price in my opinion. I recommend buying the frames so that you don’t have to worry about finding a frame that will fit the size of your portrait, or about wrinkling the portrait on the journey home.

Where Can I Purchase this Silhouette Art?

  • Disneyland: Main Street, USA in between Crystal Arts and China Project
  • Disneyworld: Main Street and Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom
  • Vendor cart at Disney Springs shopping center

The process is super quick, inexpensive, and well worth the price. Next time you go to Disney, keep a look out for the silhouette portrait vendors. You don’t wanna miss out on this!