How to Pamper Your Pooch

One thing that you should know about me is that I am not only obsessed with my dog, I’m notorious for it. Her name is Cupcake, and she’s a shih tzu/maltese mix. She’s the light of my life!

Here is Cupcake living her best life: 

cupcake .jpg

One of my favorite things to do is spoil my little angel. She has brought so much joy to my life and the least I could do is pamper her like the princess she is. For those of you who have high class pooches that you want to pamper and spoil, this post is for you!

Tip One: Designer Dog Toys

If designer inspired dog toys aren’t something you know about, then you have been missing out! These dog toys are modeled after designer purses, so there are squeaky toy purses labeled “Chewy Viutton”, “Chewnel”, and “Michael Klaws”. There are even “Tim Fido” sunglasses and “Stella Muttcartney” designer shoes. My personal favorite is the “Starbarks” squeaky toy. Luckily, these designer dog toys don’t have designer prices. These squeaky toys range from $10-15 on amazon, which is extremely affordable. You can also order them from luxury pet boutiques. I’ve found that amazon is much cheaper though, so I recommend ordering from there instead. Just search "designer dog toys" and you should be able to find them! 

Tip Two: Organic Grooming Products

We only want the best hair products for ourselves, so why would we want any less for our pampered pooches’ fur? My personal favorite pet grooming lines are Paul Mitchell and Burts Bees. I love both of these companies for my own personal skin care/hair care products, so I know that they are both cruelty free and reputable companies.

These are the products I recommend:

Burts Bees Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Burts Bees is one of my favorite companies and they are notorious for catering towards people with sensitive skin. That’s why I instantly sought out Burt’s Bees for my dog. Not because Cupcake has particularly sensitive skin, but because I only want to use natural products that do not have harsh chemicals. This shampoo works and smells great. It lathers well, so this is the one we stick to!

John Paul Tooth and Gum Wipes:

I am REALLY bad about brushing my dog’s teeth. Neither of us enjoy the process, so we admittedly don’t do it anymore. I used to feel really guilty about it, but the vet informed me that she doesn’t brush her dog’s teeth either and it doesn’t make me a bad dog mom. Still, I wanted to do something for Cupcake’s teeth, so that’s where this product comes in! This is much easier on both of us and this way, at least Cupcake’s teeth are getting something.

John Paul Tea Tree Conditioning Spray

Conditioning spray for dogs? Why not! We spray refreshing facial mists on our faces all the time so why should our dogs not also be pampered? This spray is great for your dog’s coat and makes it super shiny and soft. It cools your dog’s coat and is great for sensitive skin. It also works as a flea repellant!

Tip Three: Personalized Collars

I want to tell you guys about this shop I found on amazon that does personalized, faux leather collars for your dog. The name of the seller is Snazzi Pet and here is the link to their amazon page:

You choose from a variety of sizes and colors for the collar and can personalize up to 7 letters (8 if you choose to omit the charm at the end). Your dog’s name will be spelled out in big silver letters, filled with rhinestones. When purchasing, all you need to do is tell them your pet’s name for the collar and which charm you would like. Me and Cupcake decided to go with the light pink collar and a tiara charm.

blog cupcake 3.jpg

This collar was extremely affordable, costing only around $15 or so. A personalized collar of this caliber is typically not this cheap. The sellers are also extremely kind and they are probably some of the nicest amazon sellers I have ever purchased from (This post is not sponsored; I genuinely like this product and wanted to share it). At the time of this post, most of the sizes and colors are sold out, but keep an eye out!

Tip Four: Doggles

This last tip is optional because I know some dogs will hate this but I wanted to include this for an pet owners who have dogs with sensitive eyes. Doggles are sunglasses made specifically for dogs. They offer 100% UV protection from the sun and anti fog treatment for the lenses. If your dog is sensitive to sunlight, this could be great for walks!

Unfortunately, this didn’t work out for Cupcake because she hated her doggles and refused to keep them on for longer than thirty seconds. Here is a picture of her wearing them anyways because she still looks great in them.

blog cupcake 2.jpg

There you have it, four different ways to pamper your pooch. What is your favorite way to spoil your dog? Let me know in the comments below!