Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review


It’s no secret that Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the most influential high end makeup companies out there. Dare I say it, they are even giving Too Faced a run for their money. One of their most popular products is the Modern Renaissance Palette, which I’ll be reviewing today. 

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette is an eyeshadow palette that contains 14 different shades, 11 of them matte and 3 of them shimmer.  When this palette was released, the hype was unreal. I was a bit late in the game so I was waitlisted for the product for a couple of months because it sold out so fast, so I had to pounce as soon as this product was back in stock. In this post, I will be sharing whether or not this palette is worth all the hype.


Price/Where to Purchase


This palette can be purchased at most beauty retailers such as Sephora and Ulta. It is usually quite difficult to find in stores so I recommend ordering online. You can also purchase this directly from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website.


Tempera: a mostly matte light peach color. This would be a great all over lid color.

Golden Ochre: a light tan, matte color, good for blending into the crease. 

Vermeer: one of the few shimmer shades in this palette, and my personal favorite in the entire palette. Shimmery with a subtle shade of pink, perfect for a bright color placed all over the lid.

Buon Fresco: a matte pink shade, great for when you want to do a pink, romantic, eye look. 

Antique Bronze: this is a very pretty shimmery bronze color, and is much nicer than the regular browns you find in most palettes. Another favorite of mine.

Love Letter: this is definitely one of the most unique colors I have ever seen in an eyeshadow palette. This gorgeous magenta/red color would be perfect in the outer corner or crease. This would probably be my second favorite after Vermeer. Complement this with Buon Fresco or Vermeer for a unique, pink smokey eye!

Cyprus Umber: a generic dark brown eyeshadow that you would find in any eyeshadow palette. It’s nice, but isn’t anything and you won’t already have in any other palette. I’m glad they include these generic shades though, because you won’t have to switch back and forth between different palettes if you can have them all in one palette. 

Raw Sienna: a darker, more orange version of Golden Ochre.

Burnt Orange: a darker, more orange version of Raw Sienna.

Primavera: this shimmer shade is a gold, slightly darker version of Vermeer. Also a favorite of mine; I love the light shimmery shades the best!

Red Ochre: a unique, rusty red/brown color

Venetian Red: this shade reminds me of Love Letter, but with red instead of magenta.

Warm Taupe: another generic color that you would find in most palettes, just like the dark brown. However, a light brown/taupe color is a staple that needs to be in each eyeshadow palette so this shade is a good addition.

Realgar: I admittedly don’t use this shade. I’m not quite sure they included an orange color in this palette, but it could be good blended with some of the brown shades. I personally don’t like orange tones. 

Staying Power

This is my go to palette that I usually reach for, so I have used this palette several times. I have never had any significant issues with the colors wearing off or fading. I’m also notorious for never using primer (either eye or face) because I’m usually too lazy, so that is a true testament to this palette’s staying power. The darker colors hold up especially nicely.


Not only does this palette have good staying power, the color are unique, yet wearable. This palette is a happy medium between a natural eye palette and a bolder eye palette, because it has colors that you’d find in both types of palettes. As I mentioned before, this is the eyeshadow palette that I reach for most often; it’s just that good! As hard as it is for me to say this because I love Too Faced so much, this eyeshadow palette is better than any Too Faced palette I have ever tried  (with the exception of the chocolate gold, I would say those two are equals). While the quality of this palette in comparison to Too Faced palettes are pretty much equal, I would put this palette before most Too Faced palettes because the colors are more unique than what you’d find in most palettes. Anastasia Beverly Hills is also an ethical, cruelty free company, which is the most important thing in my opinion. Is this palette worth the money? Hell yes. If you only ever splurge on one high end eyeshadow palette in your life, it should be this one.

Have any of you tried the Modern Renaissance Palette? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!