Unicorn Makeup Review

Unicorn themed makeup has become very trendy lately, and I am loving it! Companies such as Too Faced and I Heart Makeup have been releasing unicorn themed makeup and I couldn’t resist. However, some of these products are pretty pricey. Are they even worth the money or is it simply just pretty packaging? I will be sharing my opinions on four of my unicorn themed purchases today. Let’s get started!

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*All products listed are cruelty free

Too Faced: Unicorn Tears La Creme Lipstick

Price: $22

I was really excited to get my hands on this lipstick because I had been trying to get it for the longest time! The “Unicorn Tears” La Creme shade has actually been out quite a while, though it is included in the Life’s a Festival Collection. There was a ton of buzz around it, even back then, so it was always sold out when I tried to get it.

I hate to say this, but this lip color is a bit overhyped. Yes, the color is extremely gorgeous, very shimmery and iridescent, and the lasting power is good. The only problem is, the color is not very wearable. I suspected that this would happen since the lipstick itself is blue, but I suppose I assumed it wouldn’t look that way on my lips. It doesn’t come off extremely blue on your lips, but it is blue enough for this color to be a bit unwearable. Honestly, I don’t know where you could even wear this color, other than to a music festival or for halloween.


Skip the Unicorn Tears and go for Angel Tears or Fairy Tears La Creme shades instead. Both of those colors are super wearable and gorgeous. They also adjust to your body temperature, which I think is so cool!

Farsali: Unicorn Essence Serum

Price: $54

I found out about this product because my favorite makeup youtuber, Cosmo by Haley, swears by this. It’s cruelty free and has unicorn packaging, so obviously I had to get my hands on it! The purpose of this serum is to prime your makeup, as well as hydrate and protect your skin. This product smells INCREDIBLE. It smells like vanilla, and has the prettiest pink tone to it.

I don’t know if I’m the best person to review this product, because I don’t have super dry skin. Therefore, I can’t really speak for how hydrating this product is, because I can’t really tell a difference. As far as primer goes, I never had any issues with my makeup budging when I use this before makeup application. However, I never really have issues with my makeup budging even when I DON’T prime my face beforehand. Basically, I didn’t really notice a difference.


This product is packaged nicely and smells great, but it is not a must have. If you are looking for something hydrating and for a good primer, you can find something just as good for the fraction of the price. A 1 oz bottle of this product costs $54, and I don’t know if I see enough of a difference for it to be worth paying that much. Consider it a luxury, not a must have. To be honest, the best part of this product is the fact that it’s named “unicorn essence”.

I Heart Makeup: Unicorn Heart Highlighter

Price: $8.99

This was my first time trying a british makeup company! I saw this product on instagram and was intrigued, because, unicorns obviously! If you are from the United States like I am, you can purchase this product on tambeauty.com, where they will ship worldwide. Any orders over $45 will get you free shipping!

First off, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It even states that the highlighter is “made by unicorns”. How cute is that?

blog unicorn 4.jpg


Since it is a rainbow highlighter, there is a bit of color to the highlight. I personally don’t like that very much, but that would be my only complaint.


For the price, this highlighter is definitely worth it. It is extremely affordable and the packaging is so adorable, how can you resist! This isn’t a favorite highlighter of mine (my Too Faced Diamond Highlighter came in the same time as this one so I’m afraid this one has been overshadowed by Too Faced from the beginning) but it is well worth the price.

Makeup Revolution: Unicorn Elixir Liquid Highlighter

Price: $10.78

Makeup Revolution is also a cruelty free British makeup company that sells their products on the TamBeauty website. I had never tried a liquid highlighter before, but this product was inexpensive so I decided to give it a try. Also, the gorgeous name of the highlighter instantly caught my eye. Who wouldn’t want to put a product called Unicorn Elixir on their cheeks?

I was very surprised to find that when you open the highlighter, it is packaged like an eye dropper. I was expecting a brush or sorts, so I was confused as to how you are supposed to apply this. The formula is too thick to even work with this sort of packaging. When I tried squeezing the dropper, too much of it came out because the formula is more of a cream than a liquid.


This is definitely my least favorite of the bunch. The eye dropper packaging is terrible, and if you do end up purchasing this product, I recommend using the eyedropper as a brush to brush the product over your cheekbones. Not only is the packaging terrible, I noticed no difference to my cheekbones at all. There is a pretty glitter residue, but no highlight. However, it is very inexpensive so if you decide to purchase this, I would recommend using it all over your face as primer of sorts. It is very creamy and glittery and if you apply it all over your face, it would leave you with a dewy, glittery, sheen.

Have you tried any of these unicorn themed products? Let me know in the comments below!