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Welcome to "A Fairytale Dream", a lifestyle blog with a fairytale twist.

My name is Fifi and I’m pleased to welcome you to A Fairytale Dream! I created this blog because I not only have a passion for cruelty free beauty, I am also an avid lover of fairytales. I believe it is very possible to have a touch of fairytale magic in your everyday life, even in today’s modern world. 

What kind of content will I find on this blog? 

Even if fairytales aren't your thing, you'll still fit right in if you are a lifestyle and beauty connoisseur. Not every post will be fairytale themed because there will be a lot of lifestyle and beauty themed posts, but I do plan to incorporate a fairytale theme into whatever I can.  

Cruelty free beauty is something else that I am passionate about. The ethical treatment of animals is something that is very important to me and I will only showcase cosmetic companies that are cruelty free. I hope that my cruelty free beauty related posts can serve as a guide to help anyone who wants to start shopping ethically!

I am also a major bookworm and a speed reader, so expect so see some book reviews scattered in here and there! I plan to spotlight fairytale books especially, where I feature authors who predominately write fairytale novels. This is probably what I’m most excited to blog about!

Welcome to my little fairytale corner of the world; I hope you enjoy your stay!

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